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My goal is to make your life easier and to add value to your business by giving you a clear idea of the possibilities.

I prefer having a flexible long-term relationship with you, so I can really get to know your business and have bigger impact on your online marketing.

Would you like me to advice you as a consultant? Let's go! 
Or if you're looking for a dedicated marketing specialist to take over your campaign planning and optimization, a few times a week or month, I'm your woman.

Hey, I'm a personalized marketeer ;).


SEO & Website optimalisatie

  • You want to rank higher in Google?

  • You're getting a lot of traffic but it's not converting?

  • Is your bounce rate high but you can't understand why?

  • You want to gain insight about your visitors and why they behave in a certain way?

SEA: Search Engine Advertising

  • How do you sell through Google or Bing ads?

  • Can advertising on Google have impact on your sales?

  • Why aren't your current ads converting?

  • How much does it cost to advertise?

Social Media Marketing

  • You have a social media profile, but what should you be doing with it?

  • How do you get more relevant followers who are truly interested in your product or service?

  • You keep putting money into advertising but you don't get sales, why is that?

Email Marketing

  • How can you automate your online sales with email marketing?

  • How can email help your customer retention and make them buy over and over?

  • How do you keep and reward your best customers?

Ecommerce Marketing

  • How can you get a higher ranking in Google for your most relevant keywords?

  • Why aren't your current visitors converting?

  • How can Google Shopping and other e-commerce channels help you sell more?

Data & Analytics

  • How can you analyse your website visitors?

  • What insights can you get from Google Analytics?

  • How do you implement your sales tracking?

  • How should you act on the conclusions from your data?



But don't take my own word for it...


Lees wat andere marketing professionals & online ondernemers over mij zeggen:

- Tsvetana Devedzhieva Sales & Marketing Manager,  alteya organics 27 mei, 2017

- Tsvetana Devedzhieva
Sales & Marketing Manager,
alteya organics
27 mei, 2017

I have known Lina for six months. We worked together on the launch of Alteya Organics bio cosmetic brand in the Netherlands. And the project is a success. Our web shop www.alteyaorganics.nl meets the first healthy living and organic skin care fans. Lina did great job consulting us during the web site developing process and created very successful advertising campaigns on social media. We will be happy to work together again as she is a professional who works with passion and has a friendly and positive personality.”
— https://www.linkedin.com/in/lina-marketing/
- Max Hänni  SEO & SEM Specialist, Keybroker AB (Sweden) July 11, 2017

- Max Hänni
SEO & SEM Specialist, Keybroker AB (Sweden)
July 11, 2017

Lina went above and beyond, not only delivering on the original job request but also identifying additional findings. Lina responded to my questions quickly, and did a fantastic job in general! If I have more projects like this in the future, I’ll definitely work with Lina again!”
— https://www.linkedin.com/in/lina-marketing/


Lina is helping me out with different online marketing activities for JOARZ. She is always willing to help, very flexible and has a lot of technical knowledge. Besides, she is super pro-active and has a great hands-on mentality. Overall, Lina is a super nice person to work with and I would definitely recommend her if you’re looking for a technical online marketeer.
— https://www.linkedin.com/in/lina-marketing/
Lina has done an incredible job for Berlitz. She has created a complete new structure for our Google Adwords campaigns, improved our SEO as well as implemented new tracking systems. Lina has been very proactive, taking care of all the details and making sure everything worked well. She has made valuable contributions to our marketing strategy and I’m sure we will continue working with her in the near future. I definitely recommend Lina as allround online marketeer.
— https://www.linkedin.com/in/lina-marketing/
- Mario García de León Recio, Marketing Manager Berlitz Netherlands 11 mei, 2017

- Mario García de León Recio,
Marketing Manager Berlitz Netherlands
11 mei, 2017

A while ago Lina started working on my jewelry brand, mainly with social media advertising and improving my website.
She communicates clearly and can convey advanced messages in simple language. She is very pro-active when it comes to making changes on various channels and helps me when I need her. I love that she can actively reflect on different levels [of the marketing mix]; she is up-to-date on the changes within her industry and let’s me know when it has an effect on my brand’s online marketing. The combination of her engagement and passion for her trade have been major reasons why I have recommended her to other entrepeneurs like myself.
— https://www.linkedin.com/in/lina-marketing/
Miriam van den Broek, Founder & owner of webshop: wwwjulesbean.nl 19 juni, 2017

Miriam van den Broek,
Founder & owner of webshop: wwwjulesbean.nl
19 juni, 2017



Who is Lina Andersson?

  • Born (1989) and raised in Finland. Moved to the Netherlands in 2008

  • Lives and works independently as marketing specialist in Amsterdam

  • Loves everything IT & online marketing - a handy combination

  • Bachelor graduate (Marketing major) from Utrecht University of Applied Sciences

  • Speaks native Dutch, English, Swedish and Finnish + Spanish

Online marketing & IT have been my favorite subjects since my childhood. My dad has been working as an IT consultant for many years and at a young age I got my very won computer. Because of this, I got so interested in building websites that I created one at seven years of age about rabbits, complete with tips and information. 

In 2008 I had finished the gymnasium in Finland, and started thinking about my next step in terms of studies and a career. By a major coincidence I ended up moving to the Netherlands (long love story...). I only knew the word 'wortel' (Dutch for 'carrot') in Dutch when I moved, but was determined to become fluent.

In about 1,5 years I managed to become fluent in Dutch and felt quite at home. I was ready to take up a new challenge so I started studying International Communication & Media/Marketing at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht. During my studies I got some freelance marketing experience through word-of-mouth projects. I thought it was incredibly rewarding to work as an independent marketeer and to get to think of all the different ways of helping someone promote their business online.

I went to work for a marketing agency for a year to gain even more practical experience, and got to work with many small to medium size businesses, both B2C and B2B marketing. I learnt a huge amount about marketing and got a good look at what it was like to work in an agency.

i started fantasizing about going at it on my own and slowly started to gain my own clients on the side. When I realized how many people were looking for remote marketing professionals I decided to go independent full time.

And so, becuase of the large interest andamount of knowledge that I gained in the marketing agency, as well as my natural passion for online marketing I now offer a very wide range of practical  marketing skills. 

Whether you want to call me a marketeer, consultant or personal marketing coach - I'm positive I'll be able to help your business!

Curious about all the possibilities?

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